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DWTS Basics

I often get asked questions about Dancing with the Stars. This blog hopefully will answer some of your basic questions about the show.

What is the best part of being a pro on DWTS?

I’ve been dancing and competing for so many years. Pretty much my whole life is a dance. Being on the show and being able to create and show the world what I’ve been doing all my life it is a privilege. It’s always been my passion; something I’ve always loved doing and it’s just amazing. I’ve done so many different shows all over the world and one of them is Dancing with the Stars in America. The others I’ve done are Strictly Come Dancing in the UK as well as the Russian and Australian versions of Dancing with the Stars but being in America for the American show is amazing. It’s the number one show in the world. The stuff we do here has never been done before and it’s an opportunity for me as an artist and choreographer to express myself on the dance floor and do something I would not be able to do outside of the show.

How are the dance styles and songs chosen?

Music wise we do submit songs. Each celebrity before the season starts is given a list of questions…what do they like? What is there most memorable year? What is their guilty pleasure? What music do they like? What music would they like to dance to on the show? So, they do submit what they like and when we meet celebrities, I do submit songs that I like but the last say is always by the producers. They always choose the best songs. But when I hear the music I know what dance style so I can say we will be able to do a certain dance style to a song. Or they will send you the song and ask what can you do to this song. So, I may say for example we can do Cha Cha to that song. The input for the music with the style of dance is a mutual thing.

How do you come up with choreography?

Everything goes from the music. The music will tell you what would be the creative for the coming up routine. It depends on the music. It depends on the song. So, what is the message in the song? And what is the message we want to send and tell the story of the dance. When you listen to the music you come up with the general idea and general concept for the number then the steps fall in. Then we go to the studio afterwards and I come up with the steps that fit to the music.

How do you come up with the costumes?

For the costumes, I always think…is it a Ballroom dance or a Latin dance?  Longer dress or a shorter dress? If it is a Paso Doble or a sexy Rumba, for example, then I know what style it is. And then I think of the idea we are trying to do with the concept for the creative and number. From that I come up with the colors and the design for the dress and my costume.