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Let’s Dance Together!

After receiving so many requests on social media from people asking for private dance lessons with me or to attend a dance class I am teaching, I came up with the idea for the Pro Dance Camp. This is something that will give an opportunity for fans of Dancing with the Stars to have a unique dance experience. I decided to find a location to bring everyone together in one place and put on this camp.

The camp has a variety of activities so people can enjoy themselves on this weekend away, in addition to having a group or private dance lesson. It’s also so everyone can hang out with us during the weekend.

The workshops will be customized and accessible for all abilities and ages. If you have no dance experience at all or some previous dance training, you can join in, learn and have a good time. Myself, Artem and Alan will be teaching workshops covering different dance styles and techniques. Each workshop will start by us explaining the basics of dance and taking you through the moves step by step.

Attendees will get to know us during the weekend as there will be plenty of time to hang out. The first day will start with welcome drinks and a chance for everyone to socialize. This meet and greet will be a chance for us to introduce ourselves to everyone at the camp and there will be an opportunity to have professional photographs taken too. There will also be a Q & A session so people will get to know all the insider info from DWTS and more. Of course, as mentioned previously there are also the group workshops and private lesson opportunities.

The Saturday night gala dinner is going to be really special. Everyone will have a chance to get all dressed up for the dinner and then watch a spectacular show performed by a host of professional dancers.

The Riviera Palm Springs resort is amazing. It’s a beautiful location where people can go and not only take part in the dance classes and workshops but where you can also relax with us, and your friends and family. All weekend you will be around us pros and people who love DWTS and dancing. It’s a weekend get-a-way plus more!

We don’t want this Pro Dance Camp to be a one off event, we want to make this a regular event and take it to other locations around the US and ideally around the world! So be sure to come and join me, Artem and Alan so you don’t miss out on this amazing weekend of dance and fun. You can go to to get more details and book your space.

Hope to see you there!