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A Day of Dancing with YOU!

First off, I want to thank everyone one who came out to A Day of Dancing. It was so much fun to dance with you all. Hope you enjoy this blog.

Last year we had Pro Dance Camp which was two full days in Palm Springs. It was very successful and the people who came had a blast. But the difference between A Day of Dancing and Pro Dance Camp is that we are bringing it to you. A lot of people are fans of the show and want to be part of something like this but some of them can’t travel. So we decided to do one day of dance and take it to the people in different cities. We researched and picked major cities where people would want to come. During Pro Dance Camp we had a gala dinner and pro dance show for people to see which was very exclusive.

But A Day of Dancing is just as exclusive and super high energy for everyone. We have one full day where you have three different master classes plus Q & A, meet and greet and the opportunity to take private lessons. The last city we were in we had so many requests for private lessons we took seven people instead of five and taught during our lunch break. When you do something like A Day of Dancing, you never know what the reaction will be or whether people will show up or not. With Pro Dance Camp, people came but it was more travel for them. Also, it’s hard for us to take a full weekend.

All of the Day of Dancing events were super successful but also very different. In order to make it work for all levels, I’d first come up with the choreography. For me it’s also a learning process. So, you try to cater what you do to the level of the people who are coming. A lot of the people who came had a lot of good dance experience but some of them never danced before. So you have to go from the very scratch/basics and then go to a certain level for those who have dance experience so they will be interested and don’t get bored. And then you stay in your lane and maybe do one turn or two turns and you have to figure out for yourself while there what is the level of this group of people. So that is why although I have my basic choreography, each city’s class would be a little different. For example, in our last stop at Charlotte, NC, there were a lot of people who were dancers; people from the surrounding studios. They came in and I did a very simple rumba/salsa routine but we got to a different level during the class. Most of them did it but some people who had never danced before also did it. It was very fun. Traveling from city to city, there are different people so you kind of learn with the process.

People in general love dancing. No matter what you teach they will try to learn and also improve their skills. It doesn’t really matter what city it is. I think they are super fans of the show, love dancing and/or come from local studios and they want to do it. You don’t look at it like you want to do a certain dance in a certain city. You look at it as a class. If I was doing a three day event where the same people come in every day, I’d do a little routine and then improve that routine and keep working on that dance. Where in each city, you come in and it’s a one time thing and you have to come up with a choreography for a routine that they would have to take with them.

During the Q & A the most common question people wanted to know was what is my favorite dance. It’s a very common simple question but at the same time a very difficult question to answer. I could talk hours and hours on it. The answer would be different if it’s a solo dance but we don’t dance solo. I get with a partner and teach someone. That is the beauty of ballroom dancing that you have partner to dance with. So it depends on your partner, whether it is a professional partner or celebrity partner. For me if it goes better, it becomes my favorite dance to do because it’s more exciting. If I had to choose it would be Argentine Tango or Paso Doble but for me all of them are very similar in terms of dance but all very different in terms of character. But to perform and to teach, I love all of them.

A Day of Dancing was a great event. We are all super proud of it. We did it and it’s something we did for the first time. No one ever has done it before. You can see on social media now there is a lot of dance master type classes by other pros. We started it and we came up with this idea while we were on tour. It is very different compared to Pro Dance Camp because we are traveling to cities. But there were actually a lot of people who came from different cities to these events.

I can also say it was very successful because we had students traveling and doing the event in several cities. We had four people who did four cities. We had one person, who we may need an award for next year, who was our number one student, Kia, who came to four cities and overall had about 16 private lessons divided between the three of us teaching. She came with zero experience and left with full on dance experience. She learned how to do contemporary, tango, samba and a lot more dances. She actually now has videos that she can watch and go and practice. She learned a lot. So, just looking at this one example among others obviously she had the most but she can show what it is – I never danced before, I came to A Day of Dancing events and now I can call myself a dancer because I actually know what I’m doing. She really enjoyed it.

We’d love to do this as an annual event. There are a lot of things we learned and we enjoyed. We met a lot of people and it was super fun to do. And we are always searching and looking for things we can do. We do take back what the people say and their feedback, like what they would like to see the next year. But overall, I think we checked all the boxes and people left very happy.

This event was more intimate. That’s why we had a limited amount of people for each event. We limited to thirty people. We didn’t want to have more than thirty people although we had lots of requests so we had to tell some people we were already sold out. We want to make this experience very private for people and it was first come first serve. It’s not about the quantity but the quality. People came in and really had an experience of being a dancer and working with pros from the show. That is something we are very proud of.

There are many ways to keep up with A Day of Dancing. We put information on the website as well as social media.

Happy Dancing!