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DWTS28 Cast on GMA

The Dancing with the Stars cast announcement was on GMA. As everyone saw, we did a pro number and a few bumpers and of course the cast was introduced. But the difference between every other season and this season was that we haven’t been paired with our partners yet. So, none of us pros or celebs know who they will be dancing with. This was the first time, on GMA that we met all of the celebrities. So it was very interesting to see everyone; who is going to be on the show this season because we the pros had no idea.

The process for the show performance on GMA works like this. We the pros got together the Sunday before GMA for the first time to work on the choreography that we’d perform that morning. Some of the choreography was changed and a few of the pros couldn’t make the Sunday rehearsal so when we got to New York we had another rehearsal on Tuesday night before the show Wednesday. That way we were all together to rehearse the number again. We made it happen and it was awesome.


We will meet our celebrities before the premiere show on September 16…which is actually my birthday. Somehow on that show, either before or after the opening number they will reveal who is going to be dancing together. It’s going to be brand new and exciting. Just completely different for people to get used to. So it will be very fun to watch. We don’t even know ourselves how it’s going to work. I’m pretty sure it will be very cool. We will know our partners for a short time before so we can create a dance and do it on the show. But the audience reveal will be on the premiere show.

This is a little similar to how it is one on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK but it’s also very different. On Strictly they have a little more time to rehearse and they have this big premiere where they just do an opening number and the whole pairing process with the pros and celebs. It’s like the opening of the season then they have three weeks before the first live show. We are going to do it all on the live premiere show. I’m so excited about what we will be doing. It’s something we have never done before; no one has done before. We will defiantly have fun.

I think the line-up this year is incredible. The celebs we have are so different. They all have the big personalities. Most all of them haven’t danced before. But it’s going to be so fun because everyone is so different. It’s a good mix. I already feel like at GMA we formed a little bond with some of them. Everybody was really happy, wanted to dance and have a good time.

The difference between this season and last season is that there are 12 celebs and 14 pros. So, two of the pros who are on this season are not going to have partners. That is a little like Strictly, however, they have like 18 pros and like six or seven of them are like troupe members but still pros. And they always kind of change every season. So we have same thing but just with two pros.

There are a couple new pros this season. I want to welcome Pasha and Daniella. They are amazing. So congrats to them. I’m sure they are going to try their best and kill it this season.

But we lost some pros this season including Artem and Sharna. They are great friends of mine. But it’s not in our powers to decide if we are coming back or not. The show kind of looks over everything. It may depend on the celebs line-up this season; I don’t know. Obviously they are going to be missed a lot and I want to wish them all the best for whatever comes next in their careers. They are very professional in what they do.

Even though we haven’t been partnered there is still a process to get ready for the show. Once we meet our celebs we will take it easy on them and see what they can and can’t do. Having a little less time to train someone before the first live show is a little different but nothing is impossible. So, I’m going to take it a step at a time and see what my partner is able to do and how she picks up the steps. I want my partner to just enjoy. It’s still a fun show. Yes, it’s hard work. It’s a lot of hours of practice, commitment and effort. But I will make sure that it is going to be fun for her. It is so important because dance is such a beautiful art that you have to enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it; take the fun out of it then it’s going to be very hard on them. They aren’t going to like it. So, I want to make sure they are having fun, having a blast and loving it while trying their best. That’s what matters. This can be applied to any age, ability, dance style and such. So, let’s do this Season 28!