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Pro Dance LA – A Dream Come True

As long as I can remember, a dream for every dancer including myself was to open a dance studio and now we have our own space. My wife, Elena Samodanova and I are so excited to announce the opening of our dance studio, Pro Dance LA where we can pass our knowledge of dance to kids and adults.  You can learn more about our studio and even try out your first group class for free. Just go to

After many months of searching for the perfect location, we then had to basically gut the inside of the building to make the dance studio that we wanted. We took great care to create a studio that brings the elegance of the ballroom with the practical space for teaching. We are located at 744 N. Fairfax in Los Angeles just up the street from where I do Dancing With the Stars.

Being a pro dancer for more than 25 years, it is very important to me to be able to teach and share knowledge with the younger generation. We were able to showcase some our amazing young dancers at a special recital we had in early June. It was sort of a soft opening to welcome our young students and their families to the studio. Kids of all ages from our Teddy Bear group (ages 3-6) to our kids ages 7-10 and our older kids ages 11 plus performed. There were also some dances with students and their teachers as well as special showcase dances of from our amazing professional teachers.




Our official grand opening/ribbon cutting was held on July 13, 2018 were we welcomed some my fellow DWTS pros along with the press. It was a lovely evening and I was honored to share my dream with everyone. Interviews from Entertainment Tonight and Dance Network are up on my press page. Click here

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Let’s Dance Together!

After receiving so many requests on social media from people asking for private dance lessons with me or to attend a dance class I am teaching, I came up with the idea for the Pro Dance Camp. This is something that will give an opportunity for fans of Dancing with the Stars to have a unique dance experience. I decided to find a location to bring everyone together in one place and put on this camp.

The camp has a variety of activities so people can enjoy themselves on this weekend away, in addition to having a group or private dance lesson. It’s also so everyone can hang out with us during the weekend.

The workshops will be customized and accessible for all abilities and ages. If you have no dance experience at all or some previous dance training, you can join in, learn and have a good time. Myself, Artem and Alan will be teaching workshops covering different dance styles and techniques. Each workshop will start by us explaining the basics of dance and taking you through the moves step by step.

Attendees will get to know us during the weekend as there will be plenty of time to hang out. The first day will start with welcome drinks and a chance for everyone to socialize. This meet and greet will be a chance for us to introduce ourselves to everyone at the camp and there will be an opportunity to have professional photographs taken too. There will also be a Q & A session so people will get to know all the insider info from DWTS and more. Of course, as mentioned previously there are also the group workshops and private lesson opportunities.

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Snack of the Day

Looking after your body is important for anyone especially a dancer/athlete. Your body is your instrument for your profession and you have to know how to play it. You have to fuel your body with the right nutrition and the right nutrition is clean healthy food.

It is important in general to be healthy and active but especially for me as an active dancer I have to look after myself not just by exercising but by also by fueling myself with proper nutrition. So, it’s one of those things that, I don’t like to call it diet, but it’s more like a lifestyle. It’s an everyday thing that happens to me. I eat very very clean and I look after what I eat which gives me energy and makes me push through the day to work really hard.

When you exercising and are very active you have to eat a lot of calories but it has to be good calories not those bad calories from sugar and wheat and carbohydrates. But there are good and bad carbohydrates so you do need to eat good carbohydrates to get all that necessary energy but at the same time do not overload your body with bad stuff. So, that’s very important.

Some of my go to snack foods to keep my energy could be a banana or an apple. Apples are full of sugar but good sugar so it doesn’t bring you up then crash you. Obviously, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. And I always have some nuts with me such as almonds. Something that is going to give me a little snack. Also, a protein shake after a workout or when you don’t have time during the day is good.

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DWTS Basics

I often get asked questions about Dancing with the Stars. This blog hopefully will answer some of your basic questions about the show.

What is the best part of being a pro on DWTS?

I’ve been dancing and competing for so many years. Pretty much my whole life is a dance. Being on the show and being able to create and show the world what I’ve been doing all my life it is a privilege. It’s always been my passion; something I’ve always loved doing and it’s just amazing. I’ve done so many different shows all over the world and one of them is Dancing with the Stars in America. The others I’ve done are Strictly Come Dancing in the UK as well as the Russian and Australian versions of Dancing with the Stars but being in America for the American show is amazing. It’s the number one show in the world. The stuff we do here has never been done before and it’s an opportunity for me as an artist and choreographer to express myself on the dance floor and do something I would not be able to do outside of the show.

How are the dance styles and songs chosen?

Music wise we do submit songs. Each celebrity before the season starts is given a list of questions…what do they like? What is there most memorable year? What is their guilty pleasure? What music do they like? What music would they like to dance to on the show? So, they do submit what they like and when we meet celebrities, I do submit songs that I like but the last say is always by the producers. They always choose the best songs. But when I hear the music I know what dance style so I can say we will be able to do a certain dance style to a song. Or they will send you the song and ask what can you do to this song. So, I may say for example we can do Cha Cha to that song. The input for the music with the style of dance is a mutual thing.

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DWTS Season 25: I’m Back!





Hey guys!

I’m so happy to be back as a pro on Dancing with the Stars Season 25.

It’s obvious why this show has been on for 25 season. It’s amazing! The biggest show in the world. I’m so honored to be part of it.

My celebrity partner Shasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars is such a hard worker. We do 4-6 hours of training each day plus have camera blocking on the weekends. It’s non-stop to train her but she takes it serious and we don’t mess around during training. She’s able to do what I tell her do and goes the full hours of me coaching her.

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Gleb Savchenko Pro for DWTS Season 24


And so it begins… another season of DWTS and Gleb is back!!!! This will be his third time as a pro on the US version of the show. Last year he made it all the way to the finals with Jana Kramer and they performed one of the sexiest dances ever to be seen on the show. What will this season bring with a new celebrity? Only time will tell. There are a lot of factors to look at when thinking about the new season and a celebrity partner, but Gleb’s impeccable teaching skills and exquisite choreography will help to make his new partner a true latin and ballroom performer… that’s why he’s a pro. 

Gleb’s partner for Season 24 is Erika Girardi who currently appears on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika has had a string of dance music hits performing as her alter ego Erika Jayne, so she does have some dance experience and can definitely turn on the sexy, but to see if she can pull off a waltz or a cha cha will have us tuning in each week to find out.

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Gleb Savchenko Back As Pro in Season 23!

Gleb Savchenko could be competing as a pro in the upcoming 23rd season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Savchenko confirmed his return for the next season of Dancing With the Stars in a new video chat on the official DWTS Facebook page. The pro said he will be “back” for season 23, telling his fans that he was going to try his best “not to disappoint you” and that he’s “going to work really, really hard” with his celebrity partner.

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Gleb Savchenko Calendar 2017

Following on from his hugely successful 2016 calendar, Gleb promised that his 2017 outing would be more revealing and judging from the cover he’s not lying. The black and white photo shows the hunk pulling down his underpants revealing some serious side bum.

If that’s just the cover, we can’t wait to see what he’s revealing inside! The calendar is available to pre-order now through Celebrity Merchandise by heading over to

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Strictly newcomer Gleb Savchenko talks to HELLO! about having two women in his life

Strictly’s sizzling new heart-throb Gleb Savchenko has told how he is enjoying having two women in his life. In his first interview along with his wife Elena Samodanova, the 31-year-old Russian dancer who is partnered with TV presenter Anita Rani, tells HELLO! magazine: “It’s great having two women in my life but one is work, the other is family. When I wake up in the morning, I go to work and dedicate all my time to Anita. And when I go home, I give all my love and time to my wife and daughter.”

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