Dancing with the Stars Season 31

Gleb was back on “Dancing with the Stars” for season 31. He was partnered with Shangela, actor and drag performer currently on the HBO series “We’re Here”. They made the finale and finished in 4th place after a ground breaking spectacular freestyle.

“Dancing with the Stars” is streaming on Disney+.  To get Disney+ go to DisneyPlus.com

The show will stream LIVE Monday Nights at 5pm PT / 8pm ET and will be available to watch later on Disney+

Voting will take place during the LIVE show. Be sure to vote for Gleb and Shangela.  You can vote 10 time per each voting method. Text Shangela to 21523 and  VOTE HERE

Below are some videos (opening pro numbers) and photos from the show. The styles of dance that Gleb and Shangela performed each week are noted along with a photo. (Note: some videos are not available due to copyright and Disney+)

Week 1 – Premiere Opening and Salsa

  Week 2 Elvis Night – Opening Number and Quickstep


Week 3 Bond Night – Rumba

Week 4 Disney+ Night – Charleston to “The Princess and The Frog”

Week 5 (Night 1) Most Memorable Year – Foxtrot

Week 5 (Night 2) Prom Night – Cha Cha

Dance Marathon (Hustle and Lindy Hop) – Runner Ups

Week 6 Michael Buble Night – Tango

Week 7 Halloween Night – Jazz

(Perfect Scores – all 10s from the judges)

Week 8  90’s Night – Samba

Relay Dance – Cha Cha

Week 9 Semi Finals

Paso Doble

Viennese Waltz

Week 10 Finale

Redemption Dance (Quickstep)

Freestyle introducing Natasha


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